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#1 Specialty Fab and Buggy Manufacturer in Southern California.

Master Fabricators and welders on staff!


RAW has a very unique and diverse clientele. It is because of this clientele that we do what we do. For all the vintage racers, hot rod and rat rod enthusiasts, or just any car buff; our fabrication facility is your best resource. Metal craftsman are few and far between these days, making it hard to trust your pride and joy to just any shop. There are parts for these types of vehicles you just can’t find in the marketplace anymore. At RAW, we have the expertise to custom fabricate these components so you can get your ride back on the road.

Check out some of our most recent projects...........

Retro mods

This is a 1938 Lagonda Touring Sedan. This special client is a car collector and vintage car racer. For this project, he wanted us to install his Jaguar motor, adapt frame to accommodate motor and fabricate custom adaptor for Lagonda clutch assembly.

cobra project
resto mods
vintage vehicle mods
cobra headers

This Cobra came to us with nasty exhaust leaks that no one else seemed to be able to fix for the client. For this Cobra project we designed and engineered custom headers and made a custom adapter plate. No more leaks!

55 chevy

This beautiful 1957 Chevy came to us with a broken rear housing. After just one day, it was back on the road.

Rat rod custom headers

1931 Rat Rod. Custom header system by RAW. We used stainless steel oval tubing and components to give it that custom look. Bad to the bone!

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lagonda side view

This vehicle is one of many rare, English cars this client dabbles in. It is a 1939 Lagonda vintage race car. He wanted to have a custom tin interior fabricated, his Hemi motor mounted and custom headers made and installed so it could go racing again.

lagonda interior for web
lagonda headers

This is a 1938 Lagonda V12 Le Mans vintage race car. Needed lots of parts no one could build. Not only did we build the parts, we made them look original. Currently racing this car in the vintage car class.

curtis for website

This is a 1953 Kurtis race car with an early Cadillac V8. We fabricated a progessive linkage and SCCA legal roll bar so he could race it in the vintage class. FUNNNNNN........to drive!

chevy truck for website
custom headers2
custom headers

1956 Ford F100 project. We built custom headers and exhaust system, shock mounts and some suspension mods. Has a Ford Coyote motor.

hemi prowler project
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The prowler is a very unique factory hot rod. Has all the style of a traditional hot rod, but with modern drivetrain, suspension and creature comforts. The only problem - it has a V6! Our client wanted a Hemi V8 motor, hence the Hemi Prowler project. Where else but RAW would someone bring a project like this to? Most shops will make a mess out of a project like this. This type of project requires an expert fabrication shop, as well as some engineering and good ol’ mechanical know how.

hemi prowler ac dryer

hemi prowler air cleaner horn

hemi prowler bell  housing

hemi prowler computer

hemi prowler cross member

hemi prowler headers and mid mount

hemi prowler headers

hemi prowler intake system

hemi prowler intake system2

hemi prowler power steering reservoir

hemi prowler project

hemi prowler sub structure

hemi prowler top air cleaner finish

hemi prowler y pipe

marmon flanges

prowler cross memeber

prowler hemi motor install

prowler hemi right side header

prowler oil pan to crossmember

The challenge was to install the Hemi without cutting the hood, firewall, main frame or the front core support and suspension pivot points. We cut out the factory motor mount structure as we needed to get the motor low and far enough back so we could close the hood. We had to make a custom bell housing that shielded the ring gear and housed the starter. We also took an old case, trimmed it down, plated it and mounted our mid mount or rear motor mounts off the bell housing. Now we were ready to make the mounts off the chassis. We welded the rear mounts to the factory rear cross member. Used urethane bushings and made it with removable plates so the motor could come forward and out, if needed. We then made a sub structure that the motor mounts bolted to and we welded the brackets to the chassis. Now the factory driveline goes straight to the transmission input via rubber bisquits. Since we lowered the motor to clear the hood, the back of the crankshaft is no longer in line with the trans. We made a crankshaft adaptor and mounted a traditional driveshaft to couple them. The factory idlers, tensioners, pumps, pulleys, ect proved to be another hurdle. We ended up using LSX front accessories and used a center sump shortened oil pan to clear the ground. We also used a mopar 4 barrel intake (injected) to lower the intake. We now have room for the factory ac condensor and a custom aluminum radiator with triple fans.


bonneville race car headers
race car custom headers
custom race car header system

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